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Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures

$25.95 PDF

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This POPULAR policies and procedures book (just 168 pages long) provides a simple approach to writing policy and procedure documents in just just one day. As early as the next day, begin your first policy and procedure draft. Next, apply policy and procedure basics of researching, writing, reviewing, approving, publishing, communicating, training, improving, and revisions! Be publishing, communicating, and training policies, standards, and procedures within a week! WRITING policies and procedures, standards, guidelines, or operating procedures has never been easier.
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7 Steps to Better Written Policies and Procedures

$19.95 PDF

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This second popular book provides a simple writing format template for writing any policy or procedure document. Place your paragraphs in an easy to read and logical workflow and create your first draft in days!!! Achieve confidence in your writing skills by doing the exercises contained for each of the 8 section headings contained in this book and template. Use MS Styles to help you write consistently and accurately. If you need help with the template, the author is always available.
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Best Practices in Policies and Procedures

$25.95 PDF

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This third book provides you with the best tools and the best principles of the policies and procedures writing industry. Discover the best tools for researching, talking to users, talking to teams, creating flowcharts, writing policies, standards, procedures, and finding policy and procedure references and examples on the Internet. Use examples of relevant policies and procedures to derive potential content for your own policy and procedure documents. Use my techniques and tools to enhance your content.
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Achieving 100% Compliance in Policies and Procedures

$39.95 PDF

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This fourth book provides you ways to make improvements to your policies and procedures. This book provides a case study that helps you to improve any policy or procedure whether it is written from scratch or you are revising an existing document. This book goes one step further than the other four books as you are taught how to measure the success (i.e. compliance of how users apply the content in your document their their routines) of your writing using the tools and methods contained in this book. This book is a must for any one wishing to make improvements to their policy and procedure system. Actually you can use my methods to help you improve on your initial draft by writing sentences that can be easily measured.
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Writing Exceptional Policies and Procedures

$69.95 PDF ONLY

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policy and procedure SET

This fifth book offers STEP-by-STEP instructions for setting up a policy and procedure program and for converting "messy" and unstructured documents into consistent and logical documents using my copyrighted writing format template (contained in each of my five books). While this book serves as a summary of the above four books, it also contains 70% new material and comprehensive chapters to meet your every need.

This book is timeless and its principles and methods will not change as I have considered both the paper and electronic world in this book. My templates and 10 free sample policies and procedures contained in the Appendix of this book will become your helper when writing or revising any policy or procedure document. And you can Ask Me Questions anytime (through email, on the phone, or through LinkedIn).
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