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Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures
PDF and Paperback

$25.95 Retail
$20.75 Discount

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Popular for 30 years; what started as a handbook and published with Prentice-Hall in 1984, this book now focuses on the process or system of writing solid, consistent, and logical policies and procedures. Sold more than 35,000 copies worldwide.

This simple, 168-page book can be read in hours. Discover just how EASY it is to WRITE simple and consistent policies and procedures. book that gives a quick overview of the policy and procedures. Your audience will love the logical format. They will be able to quickly apply the content and be productive in the process.

is straightforward: I select a topic, do extensive Internet Research, read existing company documentation, talk to key Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), users, customers, and Management. Then I write my first draft with my 8-section policy and procedure writing format template. ......Read more

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7 Steps to Better Written Policies and Procedures
PDF and Paperback

$19.95 Retail
$15.95 Discount

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This book outlines how to use my FREE writing format for policy and procedures documents. This template is free even if you do not buy the book from my website (e.g. Kindle, used books, Amazon, or a local bookstore).

This template guides you through every step to create your first draft in days!!! Achieve confidence in your writing skills by doing the exercises for each of the 8 section headings in the writing template. Use Microsoft Styles to help you write consistently and accurately.

Best, if you have trouble using these styles, the author can be easily reached within 24-48 hours for assistance. Yes, I can be reached by email or phone; I love talking with you.....Read more

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Best Practices in Policies and Procedures
PDF Only

$25.95 Retail
$20.75 Discount

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This book provides you with the best tools and the best practices and principles within the policies and procedures writing industry. Discover the best practices for researching and networking; talking to users and teams; creating flowcharts; writing policies, standards, procedures; improve your writing skills, and finding policy and procedure references and examples on the Internet.

Finding reference examples is not easy without the information I give to you. Best, if you cannot find something, you can always reach the me within 24-48 hours for advice.....Read more

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Achieving 100% Compliance in Policies and Procedures
PDF and Paperback

$39.95 Retail
$24.95 Discount

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This book provides methods and processes to make improvements to your policies and procedures, BEFORE you write, WHILE you write, and AFTER you write.

This book provides a case study that takes an outdated purchasing requisition procedure (the actual procedure and flowchart is displayed for your reference); you are led through improvement methods, cost savings methods, simple metrics, reference advice.

The result is a streamlined, organized, accurate, and consistent "E-Card" procedure that results in tens of thousands of dollars in savings. FYI: The author actually created this streamlined procedure for one of his places of work...Read more

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Writing Exceptional Policies and Procedures
PDF Only

$69.95 Retail
$49.95 Discount

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Writing Exceptional Policies
and Procedures is

with 4-Book Set
Order Now

This book (my latest book) offers STEP-by-STEP instructions for setting up a policy and procedure program and for converting "unorganized" and "unstructured" documents into consistent and logical documents using my free writing format template.

This book summarizes the themes of the previous four books. Discover extensive chapters laid out in a logical manner for setting up a policies and procedures program and for writing policy and procedure documents. This book contains 70% NEW MATERIAL.

My templates and 10 free sample policies and procedure documents are contained in the Appendix of this book.

My books are TIMELESS; that is, they do not go out of date and never will as I have considered physical and electronic writing methods.

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